Fathers and Sons – Davis Freeman

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In Fathers and Sons onderzoekt Davis Freeman wat het betekent om ‘familie’ te zijn en hoe we ons verleden kunnen omarmen om een betere toekomst tegemoet te gaan. Over familierelaties en hoe we die ontwikkelen.

Imagine having one moment where you could say anything you want to your parents. To truly say what you think of them. The good the bad even the ugly, and they could also say anything they want about you with no repercussions. This is Fathers & Sons. A moment where two families lay all their cards on the tables and you are the witnesses.

Davis Freeman is an American artist based in Brussels with his company Random Scream. He makes contemporary theatre & dance, photo/video installations and curatorial projects. His work is often seen as devious political theatre.

trailer op TV Brussel

Fathers and SonsFathers & Sons

US/BE, 2015, 90′ – English spoken
Concept + direction: Davis Freeman / Random Scream
Creation + performance: Tiemen Van Haver, Jason Quarles, Taha Ghauri, Stefan Sattler, Sarah Baur, Sophie Guiot, Susanne Grau, Romy Lauwers
Lights: Gertjan Biasino

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03/10/2015  Beursschouwburg, Brussel  20u30  tickets
02/10/2015  Beursschouwburg, Brussel  20u30 (première) tickets
13/12/2014  Monty, Antwerpen   20u30 (Hit the Stage)